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My submission to Occupy

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My submission to Occupy

Post by skintnick on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:23 am

OCCUPY says "we are the 99%
we won't allow ourselves to be MISRULED by the 1% any longer"

How to seek a mandate? Find the questions to which 99% of respondents will say "yes"
Here are some quickfire examples:

* Do you feel that we are living in a society where something is fundamentally wrong?
* Do you think the money crisis has been getting worse for many years?
* Would you prefer to live in a society where money was distributed more fairly?
* etc.

There are hundreds of questions like this to be brought to assemblies. Answers will point towards a consensus view. Internetworking makes broad consensus achievable. The occupy movement is unique in attempting to democratically find answers to global questions of the day. We must unite the 99% - there is no platform for political dogma or religious fanaticism. It is critical that occupations remain peaceful, open and honest

Which of the 99% might we expect to find difficult to engage with?
* Socially/economically disadvantaged
* Living in remote areas
* Pensioners
* Workers too busy keeping family life functioning to think about wider problems
* Those in despair
* etc.
How do we communicate with them and make them feel involved?

A vision for structural change seeks concurrent solutions to environmental, demographic and employment crises: A Perfect Storm
This coincidence defines our age and focuses on a unique moment in human history.

What is the occupation's stated objective?
Systemic change for, by and of the 99%

What are the main obstacles to overcome?
Ecological economists identify the current system of private banks lending money into existence and practicing usury, and the culturally endemic pursuit of money into which people become ensnared. Most recently this has been powered by consumerism, fuelled by advertising and media, facilitated by corporate greed with the collusion of banks, and endures because the 1% has bought influence over governments (lobbying, revolving doors etc.)


Establishing local, complimentary currencies provides an alternative to fiat currency (£)
Such money - for the 99% - is not made artificially scarce by the 1%
It can function independently from the financial system which has created such problems
Money which works for us, not the other way around

Occupy should engage with the 99% to bring these solutions into reality



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Re: My submission to Occupy

Post by PhilG on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:18 am

Some good points in there, nice one


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